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The standard Forney warranty period for accessories used for recommended applications is 90 days.

Place the dresser close to the wheel while the machine is off. Start the grinder and wait until the wheel is running at full speed. Slowly raise the handle of the dresser until the stars make contact with the wheel, then move the dresser back and forth across the face of the wheel while it continues to run.

The 71860 10" chop saw blade would be fine to use on your saw. It's designed to be used at a maximum of 6100 RPM and the research I did on the saw shows they aren't quite that fast.

Part numbers 72463 or 72464 are possible options for the abrasive cone. You can visit our store here to learn more about these SKUs.

Catalog numbers 71791 (1/16") and 71797 (.040") Type 1, which can be found on our web store.

I'm afraid the use of a drill with the sanding and flap discs won't provide the results you're looking for. It will work though. A better option if you have it available would be a pneumatic die grinder with flap discs. We have those available on our website at www.forneyind.com.

That part appears to be perforated and you should be able to punch it out very easily or you could use a small hammer to gently tap it out.

Yes they are. But remember that heat generated by the tool and aluminum surface will tend to melt the aluminum and cause loading up that will render the tool useless. Use the rotary file lightly and slowly to keep from loading.