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Our part number 75581 which is the full size regulator with 3/8" NPT threads does not come with a gauge or mounting bracket.Our service department recommends that you turn down the pressure until the leak stops and then slowly turn it back up. If the unit has been in service for an extended time then further repair or replacement may be in order.

We would not recommend the unit be used on a 3 1/2 H.P. compressor as it is only rated at 2 H.P.

Looking at the Victor website, it shows that if your tank has male threads you should use a CGA 300 regulator. In this case the 87801 won't work, but the 87802 will.

After looking at a picture of the Harris 72-2 attachment, I would say our 87082 or 87086 attachments will not fit your handle. The 72-2 appears to be a heavy duty attachment where ours are only rated for medium duty.

Yes, that product would be our part number 1580.

The technical 'liquidus solidus' temperature is 430 degrees F with an application range of 400 to 700 and a working temperature up to 1100 degrees F.

If the cutting attachment is a Forney brand, we will need the model # stamped on the piece and the style (Victor or Harris). If not, you might be able to find something at a large hardware store that will work for you.

We would strongly advise you not to mix different manufacturers' gas welding equipment. The parts may have the same thread but probably will not seal inside, creating a very dangerous situation. Even similar looking equipment from the same company may not be compatible, so it would be advisable to check with us or the manufacturer first.

The gas valve part number is 85190; the swan neck is 85191 and the swan neck liner is 85377. Unfortunately those parts are not available through our web store for you to purchase direct. With 11,000 dealers across the country, we should have a few close to you. Please forward your city, state & zip code and we will let you know who the area dealers are. You might want to contact the dealer who sold you the machine first for those parts.

Research indicates that the best filler material we have is our Bare Brass Brazing Rod. It's great for water tanks and many cast iron applications. It does require the use of flux in the process.

The part number for the rosebud tip is 87790.

Unfortunately we don't carry the adapter you require for your conversion. I'd check with your local gas supplier and see if they might have them available.

We currently have 3 Spark Starters for a torch, a single flint striker SKU 86102, a 3 flint striker SKU 86103, and a Safe Lite Igniter SKU 86111. Our "suggested" retail prices for these items as well as the 86120 are as follows.
86120 $5.89
86102 $3.49
86103 $5.89
86111 $14.99

SKU 87087 and 87220 can be found on our web store at www.forneyind.com and you can order them online with either a Visa or MasterCard after you register with the site.

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately, we don't stock the part you're inquiring on. Another option would be your local gas supplier.

To make a cleaner transaction, would you mind checking with the store you purchased it through to see if they have one they can swap out for you? We'll warranty it through them.

The Forney Fireman weed burner is a very hot torch. 500,000 BTU's which will melt, burn and heat just about anything. Your weeds will not have a chance! However, regarding the stones, that is a questions that you would have to ask the manufacture/source of the stones. My guess is it won't be a problem, however, you do not want to eradicate your weeds at the cost of your beautiful stone, patio and driveway. I would contact the manufacture of the stones and inquire. The reality is you do not have to put much heat on the weeds to knock them off. Good luck and happy burning!

I've been advised by our technical team that the 86152 probably won't work as a go between for you.  They suggested the purchase of a 1/4" or 3/8" hose as a possible alternative.

It's essentially the same standard, except the UN/ISO standard is globally recognized (including by the USDOT) instead of just being recognized in the US/Canada.  The bottom row of the stamping on our cylinders contains the UN/ISO standard stamp. There should be no issue on the fill station filling our cylinders based off the UN/SIO stamp

Lead is shown on the SDS as 80 - 100%, Tin is between 1 and 5%, and Metal between 1 and 5%.  For future reference, the SDS is located on our website at www.forneyind.com. Click on the PRODUCT LITERATURE (SDS) icon at the bottom of the home page.  Then click SDS.  The documents are listed in numerical order using the first SKU number of the items covered by that SDS and then listed in numerical order for other SKU's covered.

Please click here for a list of how many brazing rods come in each pack:


You may use propane with the other components in the set.  The only difference is that propane will dry out the O-rings on the torch and handle, the diaphragm on the regulator, as well as the hose quicker than acetylene will.