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Yes, Forney glow sticks can be left in a vehicle in cold weather. However, be advised that reaction time to activate the glow stick and brightness will be dimmer than in normal warmer conditions.

The gold side faces outward in order to properly reflect the light. See our full line of gold lenses here.

Filter lenses are part of the filter assembly, therefore they are not replaceable. For warranty information on your helmet, click here

All disposable respirators are a "one-size fits all". See our line of disposable respirator masks here.

The 2003 on the helmet and the hang tag is referring to the ANSI Z89.1-2003 standard for industrial head protective helmets.  It signifies our helmets meets the requirements classified as Type I for top protection or Type II for top and lateral impact protection. Both types are tested for impact attenuation and penetration resistance.  If you look at the lettering before the 2003, you will see ANSI-Z89.1 before it. Find out more about ANSI requirements here.

The "date code" stamped on the inside of your hard hat refers to the date it was manufactured, not the starting date for useful service.

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No, the minimum shade should be at least a shade 9, with shade 10 being better. See our line of welding helmets and eye protection here.

Yes, they can be found on the bottom of the page for each product that requires an SDS here: https://www.forneyind.com/products or you can use the SDS look-up tool here: https://www.forneyind.com/support/safety-data-sheet-lookup