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Our ITEM# 72788 crimped wire wheel should do the trick on a 4.5" grinder. 

Our ITEM# 72747 has a face dimension of 7/8" and the wire is .008" in diameter. This unit accommodates 1/2" and 5/8" arbors. The Forney Command Pro version of the wheel comes with a 5/8" or 1" face dimensions and the wire is .012" in diameter. The ITEM# will change based on the face dimension. The wire is half again as thick as the wire on the 72747 and will perform better and last longer. The Command Pro version has an arbor system that will accommodate 7 different arbor sizes between 1/2" and 2". The ITEM# for the 5/8" version of the Command Pro wheel is 72895 and the 1" version is 72896.

Yes, you can find information here: https://www.askforney.com/how-tos/wire-wheels-how-tos/

If you'd like additional reading, our Senior Product Line Manager for wire wheels and brushes found the article linked below to be extremely helpful. Please call us if you have more questions! The Fabricator- article on wire brushes.pdf