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Our magnetic bit holders are not deep enough to hold double-ended bits.

Forney recently ended our partnership with Magswitch®. Please contact Magswitch directly for any product inquires. Their telephone number is (303) 468-0662 and their website address is http://magswitch.com.au/. 

You can't leave your jump start plugged in for several weeks.  The charging process will continue during the time it's plugged in and will damage the battery at a minimum and could cause other damage.

Yes, please click the link below for more information.

Forney Brazing and Soldering Tips and Troubleshooting_Technical Bulletin_July 2013.dotx.pdf

Yes.  Please click on the links below.

RubyFluid liquid flux:

Forney RubyFluid Liquid Flux_Technical Bulletin_August 2013.dotx.pdf

RubyFluid paste flux:

Forney RubyFluid Paste Flux_Technical Bulletin_August 2013.dotx.pdf