# of FAQ's Filtered:

The leak could be caused by too much pressure, an operating temperature issue, or a compressor with too much horsepower. The specs for this regulator are as follows:

  • Max inlet pressure: 250 PSIG
  • Max operating temperature: 125° F (51.67° C)
  • Suitable for use with 1/2 HP to 6 HP compressors

Unfortunately, we do not carry that item. A local air-gas supplier may be able to supply one.

The 0 degree nozzle can be used for wood deck cleaning, although, care must be taken as it will gouge the wood. It may be better to use a 15 degree nozzle instead.

A coupler to go with the plug, ITEM# 75128 or ITEM# 75129 will both work.

Unfortunately, our magnetic bit holders are not deep enough to hold double-ended bits.

Forney recently ended our partnership with Magswitch®. Please contact Magswitch® directly for any product inquires. Their telephone number is (303) 468-0662 and their website address is http://magswitch.com.au/

Do not leave your jump start plugged in for several weeks! The charging process will continue during the time it's plugged in and will, at minimum, damage the battery if not cause other damage.

Yes, see our line of oxy-acetylene products here or our soldering products here.

Yes, see our line of products here: https://www.forneyind.com/search-results?q=rubyfluid 

To light your Forney #61542 propane torch:

  • Open the valve one turn
  • Ignite the torch
  • Adjust the flame

If you are having issues getting the propane torch to light and would like to test the piezo igniter (do not test the piezo while it is attached to the bottle), all you have to do is unscrew the brass tip and pull the trigger; you should see a spark. If it sparks, it will light.