How to choose the correct Spray Nozzle

Pressure washer nozzles are color coded to indicate what pattern (degree) of fan spray they produce.


Yellow-colored, 15-degree nozzle, also referred to as chiseling tip, is typically used for surface preparation such as removing dirt, mildew or paint, and can be used on most surfaces. Held at a 45 degree angle you can use it like a scraper to remove peeling paint or mildew. It is also used for other tasks where breaking the bond is harder than average.

Red-colored zero degree nozzle, also called a blasting nozzle, delivers a small, very concentrated stream of water. This nozzle is typically used for removing tough stains and debris from concrete and metal. Do not use this nozzle on wood or siding as this stream is very strong and powerful, and can damage a soft surface. This is an ideal tool for removing caked on mud from equipment, cleaning stains from concrete, masonry, steel and aluminum.

White-colored, 40 degree nozzle, also referred to as a washing nozzle. The wider dispersion of the impact pressure limits these pressure washer nozzles to rinsing and delicate washing. This is the tip to use for washing/rinsing glass or washing vehicles. These are great tips for wooden decks.

Green-colored, 25-degree nozzle, known as a flushing tip, is best used to sweep away dirt and mud. It can also be used  to sweep away leaves from decks, driveways and sidewalks. These nozzles are the ones to use when breaking the bond between the grime and substrate is reasonably easy. This pressure washer nozzle has the widest variety of applications as the fan degree allows for good impact pressure and cleaning coverage.

Black-colored 65 degree nozzle is a low pressure detergent nozzle. Use this when applying detergents for your cleaning projects. These pressure washer nozzles are used with downstream detergent/chemical injectors. Downstream means that the detergent or chemical is introduced to the water stream AFTER it leaves the pump. In this way chemicals or detergent that may damage the pump are never introduced to the interior of the pump. This is not a high pressure tip. These pressure washer nozzles have the largest orifice and are used to apply the chemical/water mixture in a wide low pressure spray. These nozzles create a siphoning action which allows the detergent/chemical injector to siphon chemical and introduce it to the water flow. The biggest complaint about detergent/chemical injectors is when they won't siphon the chemical. This can almost always be traced back to using high pressure washer nozzles instead of the black pressure washer nozzles.

Turbo Nozzle. The water rotates in a circular motion to produce a jet stream between 5,000 to 9,000 rpm of cleaning power. It has a rotating, zero-degree impact, and expands to a 15-degree wand pattern. This gives you the best of both worlds, high impact and good cleaning coverage. Turbo nozzles can double cleaning efficiency.

If you are unsure of which pressure washer nozzle is best for the cleaning job you are doing, test in an inconspicuous area first.

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