Wire Wheels, Cup & Utility Brushes

Light duty cleaning and surface debris removal

This category of products is primarily designed for the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) consumer. They are not for the professional user that needs longevity or will be using them on a large project. While the quality of the product is high for the price range, professional users will be disappointed in the performance and life of these products. Forney® has classified these as our “Red Cap Brush” program. This program includes all power brushes, wheel & cup used on angle grinders and wheel and cup with 1/4" hex shank to be used in electric drills only.

Heavy duty cleaning and surface debris removal

The products in this category are classified by Forney® as Industrial Pro®. They are for medium to heavy duty cleaning and debris removal for the professional user or the DIY customer that has a large amount of cleaning. This product is an upgrade from the “Red Cap” category for a customer that will use several of the lower cost products to get a job done. The industrial Pro® product is more expensive, but will have a longer life to offset the extra cost.

Cleaning and debris removal with hand & utility brushes

More commonly known as scratch brushes. These brushes can be used by everyone from the DIY to the farmer and rancher as well as auto mechanics and professional welders.

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