Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer Hoses

We offer several choices of pressure washer hoses, both with National Pipe Thread (NPT) and metric fittings. These hoses, along with several adapters, will allow them to be used on almost any style and size of machine manufactured today. They are available in different lengths and inside diameters. These hoses are considered DIY grade or for Farm and Automotive use.


The fittings required to connect the hose and other devices to the pressure washer. There are many different machines that use different connections. Adapters are required in some cases to be able to attach non Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products to the machine. These products address these issues. Also available are quick connectors to make changing of nozzles, guns and other devices fast and easy.


Includes accessory items that allow the cleaning process to be effective after the hose and connectors have been put in place. These items allow for the high pressure water and detergent (if used) to clean the object effectively by using different nozzles, lances and guns.

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